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June 25, 2007

Six Part Series On Clergy Sex-Abuse Of Children

Here are six articles published by the Associate Baptist Press concerning clergy abuse of children.

Sexual predators fly under the radar at church

NEW YORK - Most people think they can spot a sexual predator. He's the pale loner with greasy hair and quivering lips. Or the grinning lech who hugs too long and slowly rubs the backs of female church members. ... (read more of this story)

The recycle of abuse continues at Baptist churches
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Secrecy about clergy sexual abuse may protect an abuser's current church from embarrassment but often comes at the expense of his next church - and its children. ... (read more of this story)

Churches work to escape trap of recycling abusers
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - What can churches do to prevent clergy sex-abuse and break the pattern of recycling abusers? Even among activists and experts, there is no consensus about the steps to be taken. Here are some steps on which many experts agree: ... (read more of this story)

What to do if a minister is accused of sexual misconduct
RICHMOND, Va. - Most pastors and staff members know that ministry puts them in unique circumstances with all kinds of people. Most also know that even a hint of wrongdoing is enough to end an otherwise fruitful ministry. For this reason, pastoral counselors often urge pastors to take special precautions to protect their reputation and ministry. ... (read more of this story)

Should straying clergy be restored to ministry?
DALLAS, Texas - When it comes to hiring church staff, some Baptists consider sexual misconduct to be an unpardonable sin, and many survivors of abuse agree. But others say it depends on which scarlet letter the minister wears: "W" for "wanderer" or "P" for "predator." ... (read more of this story)

Sex-abuse victims speak to help others
NEW YORK - Debbie Vasquez was 14 when her pastor started touching her inappropriately. She was 15 when he raped her and 19 when she had his baby. ... (read more of this story)

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