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July 19, 2007

Give Glory To Man

Les Puryear has written an important article about our desire to give man the glory rather than God. He writes:

Why is it that supposedly mature Christians succumb to the applause of men? The Bible teaches that God is the only one who is good. No man is good, no, not one. If a man does anything that glorifies God, it is because God has caused Him to do so. So why do we honor men for what God has done? ... How do we honor men for what God has done? Let me count the ways...or at least some of them.

* Naming seminary or church buildings after venerated preachers, professors, members, or donors. ...
* Building museums to evangelists who were but messengers of the God who supernaturally regenerates every heart that turns to Christ. The glory belongs to God.
* Honoring churches and their pastors for rapid growth instead of Christ who adds to the church as He sees fit. The glory belongs to God.
* The selling of packaged biblical principles revealed by God for the edification of His people. No human being has a copyright on the revelation of God. It should be shared freely and equally to build up His people for His glory.

I think this last point deserves serious consideration. With the rise of the new media it makes distribution costs almost nil. It is only a matter of time before ideas like this gain momentum.

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