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June 22, 2007

Video - Paige Patterson's 2007 report from Southwestern Seminary

Here is the complete video from Paige Patterson's report from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX. June 12, 2007. Watch the several questions at the end including one about the homemaking degree.

What have other SBC voices said?

  • The talk goes on at SBC meeting13 Jun 2007 by Sam Hodges
    Southwestern President Paige Patterson chose not to post McKissic's sermon to the seminary Web site, as is the usual practice. Later, he and trustees announced - over McKissic's objection - that no one known to engage in or advocate ...
  • Baptist Seminary Offers Degree in Homemaking for Pastors' Wives14 Jun 2007
    ... establish family and gender roles as described in God's word for the home and the family," seminary President Paige Patterson said in his prepared report to the Southern Baptist Convention this week in San Antonio, Texas
  • SBC Convention Update--Tuesday12 Jun 2007 by Kelly Reed
    The spirit of cooperation and unity felt lost by the time the report from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Paige Patterson came around. The crowd was worked up and jazzed for the report. Paige definitely knows how to work a ...
  • How far should they go?15 Jun 2007 by Tony Cartledge, Editor
    During the Southwestern Seminary report the previous day, Patterson said he recognized that tongues-speaking is in the Bible, but said he would not hire people who speak in tongues because Southwestern is a Baptist school, ...
  • The Southern Baptist Convention13 Jun 2007 by Thomas
    I could speak of the great job Paige Patterson did during the Southwestern Seminary report. I could speak of the strong stand Al Mohler took during this year’s convention. However, I simply want to say thank you to the many men I met ...

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