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June 22, 2007

Video - Dr. Albert Mohler's Report From Southern Baptist Semianry

Watch or download the complete video from Dr. Albert Mohler's report from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary at the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX. Watch at the end where Dr. Mohler takes questions from the convention floor.

What are other Southern Baptist voices are saying?

  • Reflections from an SBC Newbie19 Jun 2007 by dennyrburk
    Third, the best speakers of the convention were Dr. Albert Mohler and Pastor Voddie Baucham. Dr. Mohler’s report on Southern Seminary was one for the ages, and I am ready to print up the “Mohler ‘08″ bumper stickers right now. ...
  • Mohler to SBC: Southern committed to theological fidelity of ...15 Jun 2007
    SAN ANTONIO—The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary gladly uses the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 as a guide in hiring professors but holds professors to standards that go beyond the BF&M in order to ensure their commitment to God’s ...
  • 2007 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting Wrap Up19 Jun 2007 by Jeff
    And make no mistake, their intention was expressed when they loudly cheered Al Mohler’s assurance that the BF&M 2k would be the basis for doctrinal accountability at Southern Seminary. So if so much went so bad this year what can be ...
  • Putting Some Legs on Our Theology21 Jun 2007 by Gil Gulick
    Both programs are offered through Southern Seminary's Boyce College and headed up by Mary Mohler, wife of Southern Seminary President Albert Mohler. Mary Mohler and Dorothy Patterson were the only two women serving on a seven-member ..
  • The talk goes on at SBC meeting13 Jun 2007 by Sam Hodges
    Al Mohler, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president, told the messengers in remarks early Wednesday that seminaries can't be restricted to following the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as they make hiring and policy decisions. ...
  • Mohler Rebuked for Standing Firm13 Jun 2007 by Colin
    Dr. Mohler set aside his seminary report to address the implications of the new motion (which are basically not much), and to remind Southern Baptists of the role of Trustees, the proper role of confessions, and the danger of doctrinal ...
  • Mohler to SBC: Southern Committed to Theological Fidelity of ...16 Jun 2007 by Justice
    ... to ensure their commitment to God’s truth and their compliance with the wishes of the Southern Baptist Convention, R. Albert Mohler Jr. said June 13 in his report to the SBC in San Antonio. “In the hiring of a seminary professor you ...

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